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    How to remove nail polish without using remover - Video

    Applying some nail polish onto your nails makes hands look more attractive, until some pieces (usually near the outer edge) get shipped. When this happens, you certainly feel, that you have to get rid of the polish as soon as possible, as chipped edges look scuff and unattractive. Regretfully, we not always have the nail polish remover with us, so what is possible to do to get rid of the ugly polish as soon as possible, without using the remover? Let’s see. The easiest way is to use spray deodorant. It is fair to say, that this substance removes not only nail polish, but also marks from permanents markers, etc. So, just spray some deodorant on your nails as close as possible. Next, just wipe nails by rubbing the surface with a clean napkin or cloth. Get ready, that the polish will not get off quickly, and the process will take some time.

    If you’ve got a clear nail polish handy, it will also work. So here all you need to do is apply a layer of clear coating onto the nail and quickly rub it off. The nail polish will come off right away with the clear one. You might need to do the procedure a couple of times for every nail, if some polish won’t come off right away.

    That’s it. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap after either procedure, and it is also recommended to apply some hand cream afterwards.