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    How to Make you own distressed jeans - Video

    Distressed jeans are fashionable and stylish for everyone at any time. But it's not necessary to buy them in a store. You can create your own ripped jeans by yourself at home. It is easy and fast. You don't need special skills or rich experience.

    Watch this video on Youtube and you will learn how to do it: how to distress jeans. You can use your new jeans or take some old ones. They can be jeans that are stretchy, slim, boyfriend jeans, and so on. You can also use capri jeans or shorts.

    Be creative, it's all up to you. Holes can be small or big. They can be on both sides, on knees, on pockets. Everywhere! So what are waiting for? It's time to start renovating your old jeans and giving them a new life. Take some instruments such as razor, knife, foot file, tweezers and go! So now you know how to distress your jeans.

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